Spring is here!

 When it seems that Winter would never end and you need a bit of energy and positive vibes the Crocus flower is nature's way of saying Winter is ending and Spring is beginning. The Crocus Flower often viewed as a symbol of the promise of new beginnings and the spirit of hope. The Crocus Flower can take anywhere between 1 and 6 months for the seeds to germinate with Spring flowering varieties expected to germinate any time between January and March. Crocuses come in a large variety of colors from pure white to happy yellow and radiant orange and from lilac to deep purple. Once planted they return every year and each year they multiply. You can start planting them in September to October right before the ground freezes. You can plant your crocus anywhere and make sure they get full sun and is in soil that drains. You don't have to prune crocus and don't water them in the Summer. Crocus plants aren't susceptible to any insect. Rodents may feed on them and if you have this issue you can protect them with a scent deterrent.    

Happy Spring!!!